July 16, 2007



Terrific book. Teriffic author!

Jim Watkins

The book is entertaining and informative. And I especially liked the characters and the intrigue and excitement surrounding each. It's a terrific Civil War era novel.

Mary Blalock

It is hard to believe this is your first book. It is so polished and reads like a very mature author!

Sally Miller

I really love your book! It is so romantic (and clean) and exciting! I'm recommending it to everyone.


Yesterday I finished reading "The Naked Soul". I congratulate you on your talent as a writer. I took the liberty to pass
your book to the curator of the Teaching Museum here in .............. I mentioned to her (if you are interested) the possibility of a book signing.
Great story - will there be a sequel?- I hope so.

Judy Edwards

I just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed reading your book. I'm so impressed by the story, the research, how it flowed, what I learned.
I'm look forward to the sequal!

Pat Ward Smith

I just finished reading The Naked Soul and absolutely LOVED it. I really looked forward to reading it every evening and was sorry when it ended. Each scene was painted so descriptively, and your historical research added so much to the story.
Even though I have lived in Florida for over 50 years now, I still consider Louisiana as home. You said it perfectly in the beginning when you said Louisiana gets in the marrow of your bones.
Congratulations on your wondeful book, and please let me know if your write any others in the future.

Anna Mae

Just finished reading your book and couldn't wait to tell youhow much I enjoyed it!
I loved your style of writing. So many books today are shallow, without much description and a lot of dialogue and not much substance. I loved the in-depth descriptions thoughout the book mainly because it helped me visualize the scenes and made me feel like I had a front row seat into all of the character's lives.
Congratulations and I look forward to your next endeavor and think this would make a great movie!

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